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Health Insurance for Everyone

"For those who say,. My health comes first , ensure your health with Prime Emergency Health, Cash at the Cancer and Travel Health insurance, and enjoy the privilege of attentive health services.

Emergency Health Insurance

Life is full of risks that we cannot foresee ...
NorthPrime Emergency Health Insurance is Health Insurance which provides assurance in cases of sudden illness, accident or injury and where there is no risk of interference.

In all emergency health risks covered by the guarantee, you pay your treatment / hospital expenses at no additional cost within the limits and 7/24 information is provided to you in all kinds of health problems from the medical consulting line that provides you with special service. Also, in Turkey are under the guarantees and limits, including guaranteed!

Cash at the Cancer

Cash at the Cancer insurance is a type of collateral that seeks to ensure that the insured takes the risk of catching one of the cancer diseases in the scope and provides the financial support that may be required if the insured gets caught in such a disease. 25,000 TL and 50,000 TL guarantee options.


Home insurance

It provides the most comprehensive solution for securing the home and home contents, the most valuable living space. You can choose from a wide range of insurance options that can be tailored to your specific preferences with the most economical solutions and the highest quality service.

Guarantees offered under Housing Package Insurance

  • Fire
  • Streak of lightning
  • Explosion
Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance In the course of their travels to the countries indicated by the insured and resident foreign nationals living in Northern Cyprus, the health insurance covers the expenses incurred under the health insurance within the limits and rates of payment within the policy and undertakes to carry out the organization and coordination within the scope of the coverage.

  • Medical Treatment Guarantee
  • Medical Transport Guarantee
  • Extension Of Stay Due To Treatment
  • Extortion/ Snatching
  • Finding Lost Baggage
Insurance Policy

Secure your vehicle, yourself and your loved ones with the Northprime Insurance Car Insurance Policy.

Collateralized risks

  • Vehicle collision with motor, non-motorized vehicles that can be used on the road, Accidents such as crashing, falling, rolling or crashing of a fixed or moving object as a result of sudden and external effects to the vehicle or movement of the vehicle in the course of both movement and stopping.
  • The actions of third parties in bad faith or prank
  • Burning of the vehicle
  • Attempt to steal or steal the vehicle

All kinds of transportation vehicles that can be moved on roads, both in motion and in the stopping of the losses can be guaranteed.
The insurance is guaranteed even if the damage has occurred as a result of its fault.

3rd Party T / P (Compulsory Liability Insurance)

The mandatory car insurance will cover losses of up to 5,000,000 Euros to the amount of 75,000 TL, which you can give to third parties or other vehicles. Traffic Insurance provides the legal responsibility for the operator up to the mandatory insurance limits due to the death or injury of a motor vehicle during the operation of the motor vehicle or damage to something.

Personal Accident Insurance

We always live with unexpected and undesirable unfortunate accidents. If your life is endangered by an unforeseen accident or you are exposed to permanent disability, you need a very specific assurance to reduce the suffering of your loved ones and to guarantee their future.

Yacht Insurance

Yacht Insurance When you are planning to do a blue cruise on a beautiful summer day, if you don't want to deal with this problem as a result of damage to your yacht, let's discuss. Yacht Insurances shall provide all kinds of sea vehicles and related insurance benefits depending on the conditions specified in the policy.