About Us
NorthPrime Insurance


"Look Confidence in the Future"


Our Vision
To be the insurance company that takes the leadership of change in the sector, adopts the principle of reliable, legal, ethical and customer-oriented work.

Our Mission
Continuous improvement with innovative perspective by providing unconditional customer satisfaction; To be the insurance company providing the best service for the customers with the value it creates.




Customer Satisfaction

NorthPrime Insurance has made many innovations in the insurance sector with its innovative structure and continues to take. The most important of these innovations is the "Customer Oriented Service" organization. This organizational structure based on our customers is naturally equipped with responsibilities to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction.

North Prime Insurance, Our basic principle is to always be transparent in our relations with our customers. In our communication with our customers during sales, after-sales services and in the process of damage, it is always necessary to be clear and clear. The most important value that supports trust is transparency.

In order to meet the needs of the insured as soon as possible and to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level, our employees have the power to make decisions by using the initiative when necessary.

About Us


Northprime Insurance, As an organization that has adopted its role in the Northern Cyprus economy, it is working with a well-trained and well-aware staff. With its qualified personnel structure, fast and high quality service concept lies at the foundation of our company since its foundation.



In Our company
  • The only criteria for recruitment, recruitment and promotion of staff is the qualifications and success of the staff.
  • The staff is provided with a comfortable and safe working environment in accordance with the importance of their work.
  • Staff is encouraged to achieve success; opportunities to improve their professional competence are provided, and those with superior achievements are rewarded.
  • The manager at every level tries to create a working order that improves the enthusiasm and power of the staff.
  • With the training programs organized, personnel are prepared for new tasks.
  • Measures shall be taken to facilitate the personnel to communicate their opinions, opinions and suggestions to the management.
  • Measures shall be taken to facilitate the personnel to communicate their opinions, opinions and suggestions to the management.
  • Each employee is considered to be an important link in the corporate chain.
Our principles
  • Pioneer Of Change
  • Creativity
  • Involvement
  • Customer Focused
  • Accessibility
  • Credibility
  • Development
  • Result Oriented