North Prime Insurance appreciates the time and energy you have spent for your enterprise and understands the difficulties in front of you to protect the value of your enterprise. Do not underestimate the potential risks to your enterprise.

You can secure your future through the comprehensive solutions of Enterprise Extra. 

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Enterprise Insurance
You can ensure safety of yourself, your vehicle and your loved ones with the Comprehensive Insurance Policy of North Prime Insurance.

Secured risks are as follows:
  • Collission of the vehicle with a motor vehicle that is eligible to be used in the motorway;
  • Hitting of the vehicle by a stable or mobile object due to sudden and external factors whilst the vehicle is in motion or parking position and outside the will of the insurance holder or the driver; or hitting by the vehicle to such an object;
  • Accidents such as overturning, falling or tumbling of the vehicle;
  • Damages caused by İll-intentioned or mischievous third parties;
  • Burning of the vehicle;
  • Stolen vehicle or stealing attempts;

Any kind of damage to be caused to your any type of vehicle (that can be used on the motorway) whilst the vehicle is mobile or stopping, can be insured. Comprehensive Insurance secures your damages even if they occur due to your own mistake.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy
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